Monday, March 21 2016 19:42 EET
Superhero beat subway passenger for seeds
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Chinese subway passenger in a superhero costume, which is already called on social networks as "Brother Seed", attacked a man who was spewing seeds with a hammer. The video, which is widely discussed in social networks, was filmed in the underground in Xian, China.

In the video, one of the passengers of the subway lost his teeth because he littered in the carriage.

A man ate melon seeds and spitted out the shells on the floor. He roughly replied to the comments of others passengers, until a “superhero”, who imagined himself the guardian of order and cleanliness, intervened.

"Brother Seed" dressed in “superhero armor” with a hammer taught a good lesson for the littering bully. 

He started beating the boy with a hammer and with the words: "Do not eat seeds in the subway!"

Prostrate hooligan fell to the floor under the bench, where he was bleeding.

"Brother Seed's" attack shocked subway passengers even more strongly than the behavior of the "Man with melon seeds."

Some Internet users addressed to Metro Security Center, demanding an investigation about an obviously mentally ill passenger in a hero suit.

The incident was also the reason for proceedings by the local police.

As it turned out, this shocking episode was no more, but a social prank, which was arranged by two friends in support of the underground cleanliness.

The police reported that the "violent video has nothing to do with reality."

After the incident, the amateur actors posed for a joint photo and told that they are old friends, and the incident is a setting.

However, the metro administration did not coordinate filming and threatened “environmental activists” with a fine "for the distribution of video that promotes violence on the territory of the subway."

At the moment, “the superhero” from the video is cooperating with the police in the framework of an administrative offense investigation. He promised to no longer distribute the video, "in order to avoid possible negative social consequences".

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