Monday, March 21 2016 19:12 EET
"This man is worse than any snake"
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Social networks have been shocked by a cruel deed of a Chinese man, who recorded a video, where he feeds a puppy to a python. A man put the puppy in front of the snake to find out what would happen next. Of course, he wasn’t simply ignited by curiosity, intentionally sacrificing the little animal’s life.

This deed of extreme cruelty caused rebellion in social networks in China and around the world.

In the video, albino python attacks the little puppy and begins to strangle it. Behind the scenes, the voice of a man says after the incident: "Ok, enough, that's great." 

Most likely, a resident of China fed his puppy to the snake because of the bet, which was concluded with his friend.

Shocked users of social networks have found an account of the python's master, who published the video on the Web. It turned out that the python's owner is the representative of the Chinese golden youth or "wealthy country bumpkin."

The thing is that the cost of albino python is several million yuan, and only "rude tycoon" can spend so much money for such kind of pet.

"Snake is cold-blooded animal, but this man is even more ruthless animal," the majority of users said.

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