Monday, March 21 2016 18:16 EET
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British military tested the "invisibility cloak" – mass media
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Harry Potter-style camouflage cloak was made from a special material Vatec that resembles a pile of stones and rocks. British soldiers tested the special high-tech camouflage system of Vatec, which can disguise a person or technique under a feigned pile of stones.

This special three-dimensional material has been designed by the American company VCS. Vatec is able to mold into a needed form and color owing to its heat reflectors and other masking elements, which are used by snipers to hide themselves from the enemies. 

Outwardly, "Harry Potter’s cloak" made of Vatec resembles a pile of stones and rocks. The "cloak" allows objects to look three-dimensional with the help of the material’s interaction with light and warmth.

According to the British soldiers, such masking device made them completely invisible to their colleagues who were trying to find them at the polygon, even in cases when the searchers used thermal imaging to expose hidden snipers.

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