Monday, March 21 2016 17:20 EET
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British TV presenter tasted his own flesh
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The man described the smell of such an awkward food as "very meaty." British presenter Greg Foot tasted his own flesh in a TV experiment.

The experimenter had to do a biopsy to remove tissue fragment from his leg.

Despite admitting that it’s probably illegal to eat human flesh, he decides to carry out this crazy experiment, figuring out the way to do it more properly, not using much of his flesh.

Foot took a tissue to the lab to study aromatic features of the prepared sample. According to the results of examination, specialists have managed to create a mixture of meat, which would be the most similar to human flesh mixed with pork and lamb.

"It's very meaty, the taste is much richer than the pork or chicken" – Greg Foot commented the smell of his tissue.

The presenter was satisfied with the burger he had prepared from a mixture of different tissues and his leg’s meat, saying that it was the first time he ate something so close to the human flesh.

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