Monday, March 21 2016 17:07 EET
Elephants attack: wild animals trampled four people to death in India
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On March 20, wild animals have attacked villagers in the state of West Bengal, which is located in the east of India. According to Xinhua News Agency, four villagers were killed and several others were injured in the attack.

The wild elephants entered human settlements, which are located 110 kilometers from Kolkata, local authorities claim.

Some reports say that the animals came from a jungle at Bankura district.

Local authorities informed that the elephants had attacked three people who were working in the fields of Nasigram and killed the fourth man in Montesvar.

In addition, several people were injured during the attack of wild elephants.

Drivers have been sent to the scene in order to frighten away the elephants from the settlements.

Dialog.UA also reported about an elephant’s attack in an African conservation park. The animal was hungry and searched for food.

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