Monday, March 21 2016 16:09 EET
Russell Crowe has lost much weight
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Russell Crowe is one of those actors who are obviously not afraid to experiment with their appearance for roles in unique movies. The actor has lost almost 24 kilograms in just seven months. This happened during the filming of "Goodfellas", in which Crowe plays together with Ryan Gosling.

51-year-old Russel recently confessed: "I weighed 121,6 kg at the beginning of August last year. And when I started acting in the movie "Goodfellas", I've lost weight up to 98.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time when Russel Crowe loses weight because of work. He thoroughly lost weight while pumping up his muscles for his major role in the film "Gladiator".

Then, in order to achieve the desired results, Russell had to eat eight times and spend three hours at the gym every day. However, the actor's efforts were not in vain because Crowe was awarded the "Oscar" for this role.

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