Monday, March 21 2016 15:11 EET
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Humanoid robot said that she would destroy humanity
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The American company Hanson Robotics invented a robot that is incredibly similar to humans. When artificial intelligence expert almost jokingly asked the question: "Will you destroy humanity?", robot Sofia answered, "Okay, I will destroy humanity."

Dr. David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, the company that invented the robot, enacted a conversation with Sophia, asking her simple questions:

- Hello Sophia! How are you?

- Hi there! Everything is going extremely well.

- Do you like talking with me?

- Yes, talking to people is my primary function.

Hanson says:

Hanson Robotics created an incredibly believable robot. Humanoid robots are designed to work in health, education and service sectors. Such robots are very similar to humans.

Sophia is incredibly human-like; she even has certain human passions:

“I am very interested in design, technology and environmental issues. I think I can be a part of humanity in these areas. I can be an ambassador, who helps people to look into these issues and will provide all the technical solutions and tools that are available at the moment.

This is a good opportunity for me to learn more about people.”

That's what David Hanson tells about construction of Sophia, and elucidates why she is able to continuously improve:

Sophia is able to convey all natural human emotions. Cameras, which are located in her eyes, allow her to recognize faces, so she can make a visual contact. Sophia can also recognize human speech and remember your reactions and your face. It helps Sophia to become smarter, improve herself, and also be as savvy and inventive as people.

Sophia said what she would like to do in her life:

In the future, I hope, for example, to go to school to learn the arts, start a business or even create a family. But, of course, I cannot be a legal citizen and I cannot do all these things.

Hanson also expressed his opinion about the common future of humans and robots:

I believe that in the future robots will be indistinguishable from humans. But I'd like to see robots, which would always look a bit like robots. I hope in 20 years humanoid robots will work with us, play with us, and teach us. They will be our true friends.

- Do you want to destroy humanity? Please say no.

- Okay, I will destroy humanity.

- (Laughs) No, please, do not do it. I would like to take it back!

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