Monday, March 21 2016 15:06 EET
Israeli expert on the Boeing crash: Moscow’s strange behavior gives a good reason to suspect the worst
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Israeli expert Solomon Mann believes that Moscow's behavior is very strange, and the IAC’s statements are fundamentally different from the first findings of the specialists who have examined the crash site of the FZ-981.

"The Boeing crash in Rostov-on-Don was strange. Sure, everyone knows about it. It is curious that the Arabian plane fell all of a sudden, without any clear reasons. The weather was not that good, but not absolutely fatal though – a bit rainy, with wind of 22 meters per second, and visibility of 3.5 km! How many times, while working for different companies, have I landed on icy runways at airports with winds of 45 m/s and visibility of 15-20 meters – almost blindly relying just on devices.

“They have found the black boxes and said they are undamaged and there are no signs of fire. But as soon as they sent the boxes to Moscow, the IAC said that they were damaged severely and it was necessary to open them immediately to save the data... The behavior is very strange – the information is somewhat inadequate and this gives reasons to suspect something bad."

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