Monday, March 21 2016 14:41 EET
Russian court renders a verdict for Savchenko
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A Russian court has started reading a verdict for Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, who previously was accused of helping to kill two Russian journalists by the artillery fire in June 2014.

It was originally thought that the court is to claim her guilty. However, some people now say the final decision is difficult to predict.

Savchenko denies all the accusations. According to her words, she had come to the region earlier to join the volunteer group that defended Ukrainian government’s interests.

Her lawyers say that rebels captured the pilot and took her to Russia on June 17.

However, prosecutors strongly believe that she came to Russia on her own. They urge to jail her for 23 years.

The judge referred to the prosecutors, saying the pilot had some political reason to act in this way. Furthermore, she was accused of supporting the rebels in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russian-Ukrainian relations have been worsening since 2014 when Moscow claimed that the Crimean Peninsula is a part of Russia. 

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