Monday, March 21 2016 14:31 EET
People discuss new Instagram photos of Britney Spears.
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The time of mean tattles about Britney's plumpness has passed. Now, the singer looks great and she selflessly shares it with the audience. Yesterday, the star posted a new photo on her Instagram account, which caused an unprecedented sensation.

Britney Spears captivates Olympus again, probably not musically, but she surely deserves to get some People's Choice Award. As soon as the singer got perfect physical form, her Instagram started to be replenished by her photos in bikini.

One of these images appeared yesterday. The photo signed by Britney as "just resting" caused contradictory impressions. 

Subscribers have immediately reacted to this photo, writing compliments, such as "The Queen," "you're gorgeous," "wow, what a beautiful woman", and thousands of similar comments under Britney's post.

However, there were also dissatisfied people, claiming "this is Photoshop", "the photo is not real", etc.

Whether this is Photoshop or not, we will never know for sure, but the star's personal trainer stated that Britney is heavily involved in sports and practices yoga.

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