Monday, March 21 2016 13:50 EET
Arnold Schwarzenegger promised that "he'll be back" in the sixth "Terminator"
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Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the release of the sixth "Terminator". He is going to play a major role in a new film. Schwarzenegger said: "I'm impatiently waiting for that", but he refused to disclose any details of the plot pattern.

Posts about new "Terminator" became a surprise for many cinemaphiles because of the failure of the previous film "Terminator: Genesis", released in 2015.

It was also reported that the film company Paramount Pictures removed a new Terminator movie from its upcoming schedule. The motion picture was supposed to be a continuation of "Terminator: Genesis" and had a working title "Terminator 2".

The Terminator franchise unravels the story of war between supercomputer "Skynet" and remnants of humanity enslaved by it.

The Terminator series earned over 1.4 billion dollars. James Cameron filmed the first part of "Terminator" in 1984.

The science fiction franchise includes five films to this day. Schwarzenegger played the major role in four of them.

The exception was the fourth movie "Salvation" (2009). The actor said that the fourth part is "messy business". Thus, the major roles in "Salvation" were performed by Christian Bale and Sam Worthington.

Arnold Schwarzenegger became famous in the United States in the 1960-1970s as a bodybuilder.

In 1980, he received international fame thanks to the main roles in the "Terminator", "Commando," "Predator" and "Red Heat".

He also was the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

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