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The hypothesis of scientists about the origin of life on Earth: somebody created us
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The first hypothesis, revealing that life on Earth has been brought from space, was discussed in the 19th century. Astronomer Jacques Laskar from the National Center for Scientific Research published a sensational mathematical theory about the influence of the moon on the Earth's behavior.

The scientist came to the conclusion that the Earth would rotate on its axis much faster without the gravitational influence of the moon, and the day on our planet would be much shorter. The moon has less mass than Earth, and it is located at a favorable distance needed to brake the rotation speed of the planet.

Moreover, it remains inexplicable how the Moon is so accurately tilted. The weather would be unstable without it, and we would have suffered from abrupt transitions from the scorching heat to the harsh cold. We would not have any stable seasons or permanent poles, or well-established climate over hundred million years, or gradual changes in temperature, which allows living beings to survive.

It means that we cannot exist without the Moon. Based on these data, scientists started thinking: why was the solar system built that way?

The first hypothesis that life on Earth could have been brought from space was put forward by a well-known Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius.

At the end of the 19th century, he said that the embryos of life can be carried to a particular planet together with meteorites, asteroids and space dust.

Dust and stones, broken away from other planets, can arrive with some of the surviving microorganisms.

After that, these bacteria begin to mutate in an unfamiliar environment, generating new life-forms.

That is how humans appeared on the Earth, according to hypothesis of the Swedish scientist.

Many physicists, chemists and biologists readily agreed with him.

Scientists have even suggested: the Earth’s environment has specific conditions favorable to the development of different organisms.

It all started after Professor Benner once managed to synthesize artificial DNA.

Such discovery is indeed of global significance. However, it was found out that you can create a molecule, but it cannot be forced to live. It was also revealed that while trying to create a life-form, you encounter two main problems. The first impediment is that you must have a peculiar trigger, but its formula has not been solved yet.

The second problem is water. We were taught that life originated from water. Although it turned out that water destroys the DNA at the same time. It is suicidal.

Steven Benner, Professor of Chemistry and the founder of Westheimer Institute of Science and Technology, said: "Imagine that you live in a big pack with water (an aquarium), and your DNA and RNA are subjected to constant destruction because of water that surrounds you. Yes, water is obviously essential for life, but it destroys the genetic material which is also necessary for life, which is essential for its development and continuation. This is paradox."

The American scientist was able to unravel this paradox. He suggested that water can be a source of life, but only if it includes a little molybdenum and boric acid.

The researcher found the optimal ratio of these elements in samples of Martian meteorites.

It encouraged the hypothesis that a simple combination of chemical elements, which amalgamated millions years ago on Mars, enabled to create a unique environment in which life originated.

This discovery, which was made in a chemical laboratory, led scientists to the conclusion that life originated on Mars, and after that was transferred to Earth. It means that there were no conditions for their appearance on the Earth, but Mars already had water and another key components.

"The Earth didn't have boron and molybdenum, which are necessary for the origin of life; that's why the assumption that life originated on Mars turns into a scientific fact ", says Steven Benner.

When studying space, scientists are faced with a lot of anomalies. One of them was the wrong location of the planets in relation to the sun. According to the laws of physics, our solar system should have been designed differently – from the largest to the smallest planet. The first one should be Jupiter, then Saturn, followed by Neptune, and then Uranus, Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury.

Duncan Lunan, astronomer, president of the Scottish Association of Technology and Researches said: "The structure of the solar system confirms its artificial origin. The mathematical calculation is noticeable in the arrangement of the planets. And the Earth seems to be designed specifically for people to live here. The Earth has optimal conditions."

It is known that our universe originated with the help of Big Bang. But if the scientists are right, then the question arises, what was before the explosion? And most importantly, who organized the explosion? God? World Mind? Mysterious laws of the universe?

Nowadays, similar questions arise with particular acuteness. Who are we? And who created us?

The planetary scientist, Elmar Buchner said: "Today we can confidently say that the universe was formed not by accident. This complex and elaborate system could not be formed by itself. Our equipment becomes more sensitive and we make discoveries that classical cosmological model cannot explain."

In addition, the scientists say that everything in our universe was born after the Big Bang, but the explosion represents an increase in disorder and chaos.

However, we have an ordered universe, which is composed of interacting and moving galaxies and stars, and this complex mechanism works with amazing consistency.

Is it possible that such a clear order was established after a powerful explosion? This cosmic outburst would naturally result in chaos. How then chaos turned into order? Was it organized by itself ?

Many experts believe that the sun and the rest of our solar system were not simply artificially created. Their genesis makes the investigators suppose that there is a powerful extraterrestrial intelligence, which oversees the entire humanity.

Of course, this hypothesis looks fantastic enough. However, if to talk about, for instance, a variety of natural disasters, it can be stated that even the most contradictory perceptions about it are able to amalgamate. Religious people consider them as the Lord's punishment, and scientists explain them as a complex of natural phenomena. This way, religious apprehension and scientific elucidation match in some matters.

Italian priest Padre Pio wrote about the "end of the world" in his prophecies. The Apocalypse is to supposedly come in 2060: "Meteorite will fall on the Earth, and everything will tremble. It will be a huge disaster, greater than war. Be prepared to spend several days in complete darkness. These days are coming. All humanity will be without food and water. Then the light will return, but many people will not see it. "

Not only the Italian priest considered that 2060 year is the most dangerous for our planet.

The greatest scientist, the English physicist and founder of classical mechanics, Sir Isaac Newton, also marked this "Doomsday" date.

He wrote an extensive treatise, using mathematical calculations and formulas to determine one of the most sinister and mysterious books of the Bible – "Apocalypse: The Puzzle of Revelation".

Isaac Newton deciphered Daniel's prophetic dream.

Biblical seer had a dream about a beast with ten horns. While Daniel was looking at the ominous creature in his vision, suddenly, the eleventh horn started to grow Newton believed that the beast symbolizes the Roman Empire. 10 horns are Roman kingdoms, and the 11th horn is Papal States, or the Vatican. It is necessary to count the period from the date of its formation, which is encrypted in the Bible as the time, times and half a time.

Newton has calculated 1260 years, and got the date of Doomsday. It is a period of time from 2012 to 2060.

Newton wrote: "I mention this not to predict the date of doomsday, but I mention this in order to put an end to hasty assumptions of fanatics who repeatedly predicted the time of the Apocalypse, without having the necessary knowledge ... "

Newton's assumptions almost completely coincide with the prediction, which was published by the British astronomers in 2010. According to their calculations, giant multi-ton asteroid VD-17 will cross the Earth's orbit in 2065. And if it flies to the planet's surface, the collision force will be equal to the explosion of all nuclear weapons on Earth.

The shock wave would cause tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the planet. It would lead to tremendous destruction and global fires. A cloud of the superheated dust, ash and steam would rise in the sky, making it impossible for the rays of sunlight to break through it. It would be a nuclear winter.

On the other hand, the whole scientific world recognizes that the disaster may not happen, but they seriously focus on the study of this situation. To predict and overcome the consequences of a possible cataclysm, a lot of grand models of this situation have been drawn, as well as ways to prevent its fatal collision with Earth. One of the possible scenario of the Apocalypse is destruction of an ominous space wanderer with the help of atomic bomb.

Nevertheless, a lot of scientists strongly disagree with the panic conclusions of their colleagues.

Of course, sooner or later, all things come to an end, and we are not an exception.

According to the researches of Utrecht University, in the Netherlands, they were able to determine the exact date for the end of the world. It will be in 2 252 006. This conclusion was made on the basis of geological and paleontological analysis of the oldest fossils of our planet. Therefore, you can sleep calmly.

At the beginning of the 20th century, great Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky argued that absolute death is impossible because the universe is alive. This, it can be stated that he created the first scientific theory of the immortal soul

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