Monday, March 21 2016 12:55 EET
Barack Obama visits Cuba
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American President Barack Obama currently is on a three-day visit to Cuba, which, as he has admitted, really is “historic” one. He is considered the first president of the USA who has ever visited the island since 1959. After the revolution that happened that year, the two countries became enemies.

Obama is to meet Raul Castro in order to discuss reforms in political and trade spheres. However, he has no plans to visit his elder brother Fidel Castro, who has been the 17th President of Cuba.

First stop of the US president was the recently re-opened embassy.

Several hours later, Obama visited the historic part of Havana and the national cathedral. It looked unusually empty because of intense security measures. However, Obama gladly waved to Cuban people.

The trade embargo is one of the most important topics of the future discussion between presidents. Meanwhile, the US Congress is the only power that can lift it.

The USA has also claimed that the president is to meet political dissidents. Just several hours before Obama’s landing, Ladies in White were arrested as they had been protesting in Havana, urging to release political prisoners.

The visit is considered an essential sign of a thaw in American-Cuban relations.

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