Friday, March 18 2016 19:13 EET
Boy from Luhansk, exhausted by torture, called for Ukrainian people not to give up
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18-year-old Arthur Panov from Luhansk, who was arrested by FSB, confessed under torture to preparing a terrorist attack. Later, he wrote a letter to the Ukrainian people, calling not to give up and keep fighting.

For more than three months, the Russian authorities continue to illegally hold 18-year-old Arthur Panov from Ukraine in jail. The teenager is accused of preparing a terrorist attack in Russia. He admitted that he was forced to testify this fact and sign up every document, which is connected with this case. Police also required that he confirm all of his partners.

During the meeting, Ukrainian consuls provided legal assistance to the boy and saw his conditions of detention. According to words of Arthur Panov, they are satisfactory.

Also, in conversation with the consuls, the prisoner stated that he was arrested on Dec. 5, 2015 in Rostov-na-Donu. It has been established that he is registered in one of the Luhansk city medical institutions and has documents to prove it.

According to the ministry, the consuls are in touch with Arthur's mother, constantly informing her about the health of her son. It is known that Arthur Panov had a meeting with a lawyer.

Social networks distributed a letter from Arthur Panov, who wrote that "Russian special services kidnapped him allegedly on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in the Russian Federation." Moreover, the boy sent a message to the Ukrainian people, encouraging his fellow-countrymen to fight for the truth.

"Notepad Rostov" told about the detention of Panov in Rostov-na-Donu on 5 December in the evening. The publication, citing a source of law enforcement agencies, claimed that during the search an improvised explosive device was found in Arthur's room in a hostel where he stayed.

Panov crossed Luhansk region and got into Russia on November 24. Shortly after, he got a job in one of the Rostov supermarkets.

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