Friday, March 18 2016 17:18 EET
Police found traces of Paris attacks’ mastermind Abdeslam
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According to Belgian prosecutors, the police have found fingerprints of Paris attacks’ mastermind Salah Abdeslam. They were discovered during a raid of a flat in Brussels.

He could escape last Tuesday when the police were raiding the flat, state broadcaster RTBF reports.

The raid was carried out in relation to November attacks in Paris, which had taken lives of 130 people.

The main aim of the police raids and searches is a disclosure of Salah Abdeslam, because he is considered to be the main organizer of the attacks.

Several targets in the capital of France were attacked at the same time.

A representative of Belgian prosecutors claimed they confirmed the fact that Abeslam’s fingerprints had been found in the flat. However, he refused to reveal any other details.

According to some media, the police also managed to find Abdeslam's DNA. However, RTBF thinks that the terrorist escaped during the shoot-out. 

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