Friday, March 18 2016 16:55 EET
Amateurs from Germany filmed a new version of "Star Wars"
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A graduate of the Aachen University filmed a new version of the "Star Wars" blockbuster. It has been already seen by more than 6 million people.

The main character is Darth Maul, Dark Lord of the Sith from the first episode of the cult saga. In the student’s version, he is fighting with Jedi Knights. The location is the unknown planet. In fact, the events unfold in the Eifel National Park, in North Rhine-Westphalia. The story was created by Shawn Bu, a student of Aachen University Applied Sciences. This is his bachelor’s thesis.

His efforts resulted in a 17-minute film that has all chances to become a competitor of Hollywood’s original version. More than six million people have already watched the student's "blockbuster" on YouTube channel. 

The young director woke up famous: his phone has been ringing off the hook, his email box has been bombarded with messages. And even several talent agencies in Los Angeles showed interest in cooperation with Shawn. However, a recent graduate does not hurry to make deals; he wants to think carefully about everything.

It is not difficult to suggest that Shawn belongs to the cohort of fans of "Star Wars", the seventh episode of which was released in December 2015.

As teenagers, he and his brother, a famous YouTube-blogger Julien Bam, directed the fights with light swords and then filmed it using the simplest camera.

During his studies in Aachen, Bu constantly joked that it would be nice to film “Star Wars” in a more professional way before he leaves the walls of the university.

The idea was supported by Shawn's close friend and operator Vi-Dan Tran.

The main desire of young people is to show that a fantastic world created by George Lucas almost 40 years ago has not been exhausted. They also aim to prove that a scenario proposed by them could easily become part of the "Star Wars" saga.

Their ambitions resulted in a "fan's movie for Star Wars fans."

Filming of the student’s version lasted only 18 days, but almost two years have passed since the emergence of the idea. Luckily, it has been completely fulfilled. The video was finally assembled only before Shawn published it on the Internet.

70 people were involved in the filming process: operators, costume designers, makeup artists and actors. All of them are friends of the novice director.

Shawn has invested his own money in the project, and the whole team worked for free.

Majority of the funds were spent on the props, travels, lodging, and food.

Most of the actors are professional stuntmen, including an actor who performed the main role – Ben Shammah. Every filming day, he needed four or five hours to complete transformation into his character. 

By the way, the team also created costumes for the characters on their own.

Shawn Bu has obtained the deserved "excellent" rating last summer, despite the fact that work on the film had not been fully completed then.

Shawn's supervisor already knew how much effort and meticulous work the student invested in his production. Nevertheless, only time will show how this film will impress the Hollywood producers. Meanwhile, young director already wants to take part in creating the next full-length episodes of "Star Wars."

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