Friday, March 18 2016 15:42 EET
Meanwhile in Russia: A mongrel ate the neighbor with tuberculosis in Perm region
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The dog owners were horrified when it dragged a gnawed human head.

A shocking event happened in the Perm region, Russia. A watch dog brought a gnawed human head to its owners.

Beloevo village residents detected this terrible find on March 16.

After the dog dragged a man's head into the yard, shocked owners immediately called the police.

It turned out that the head belonged to a man who lived next door. The dog owners said that they had not seen their neighbor since January. According to them, this person was sick with tuberculosis, and they thought that he was absent because he was receiving treatment.

Law enforcement officers found remains of the torn body in the neighbor’s yard.

Now the owners intend to euthanize the dog because of the disgust and fear that the animal will become aggressive.

According to local media, employees of Investigative Committee of Russia in the Perm region are ascertaining the circumstances of the terrible tragedy.

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