Friday, March 18 2016 15:05 EET
Pug-bartender from the United States has conquered the Internet

Pug from Austin (Texas, USA) named Rocco has quickly gained fame among Internet users thanks to his owner Lili, who published his photos on Thursday, 17 March. In the pictures, this amusing dog wears different costumes and stands next to delicious cocktails “made by him”.

The dog and his brother Weldon have more than 13.8 thousand subscribers on Instagram.

Lili makes such pictures only with Rocco. She said: "I was so proud of the first cocktail that I made, so I wanted to take a photo of it to send it to my husband. When Rocco saw that, he rushed and tried to sit next to the glass."

The woman rescued the dogs eight years ago. Since then, she takes incredibly cute and creative photos of them.

According to Lili, it takes about five minutes to make one picture. This time is enough to dress up the pet in a shirt and choose a tie. In addition, she noticed that gin and tonic with lavender is a favorite Rocco's drink.

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