Friday, March 18 2016 14:33 EET
Pentagon gives more money to fight against evil Russia
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The Pentagon has identified Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and international terrorism as the major factors threatening American security, Ashton Carter’s statement reads.

The statement of US Secretary of Defense was published on his official site.

"Today's security environment is dramatically different from the one that existed during the last 25 years, which requires new approaches," the head of the Pentagon said.

Carter believes the most dangerous competitors for the United States are Russia and China. These countries have been developing new weapons, threatening Washington's leadership in many spheres.

Due to the fact that the resistance to Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and international terrorism requires essential funding, Carter has decided to ask for more funding, namely of $582.7 billion where about $58.8 billion are to be transferred to the center responsible for foreign emergency operations, and $523.9 billion will be included in the core budget.

According to Dialog.UA, the American government is going to oppose the propaganda and disinformation, which come from Russia, China and a number of other countries. It was planned to establish a special center to investigate the course of the information war.

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