Friday, March 18 2016 13:38 EET
North Korea has launched ballistic rockets
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North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles, the US authority says.

According to some American officials, the Nodong rockets were launched from the east coast of North Korea. They flew about 500 miles and then went under water.

The USA urged Pyongyang not to fuel current tensions.

This happened right after American President Barack Obama introduced new sanctions due to the illegal satellite launch and nuclear tests carried out by North Korea.

Under his order, all the US property of North Korean government is to be frozen and US export to North has been banned. In addition, Obama has expanded the blacklist – from now on, it can include anyone who has ever dealt with North Korea.

The satellite launch and nuclear tests violated current UN resolutions.

Japanese Prime Minister sharply criticized the launch and claimed that his country gives a response in coordination with the USA and South Korea.

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