Thursday, March 17 2016 17:56 EET
HIV-infected Charlie Sheen is planning to sue against his ex-wives
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An actor Charlie Sheen is asking the court to reduce alimony payments to children of his ex-wives.

Charlie Sheen sued against his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller with the aim to cancel alimony payments, which he was obliged to pay.

Sheen pays to his ex-wives $55 thousand every month, and the actor is asking the court to reduce the amount.

He calls his state of health and HIV-positive status as the main reason since he has to spend a lot of money on health maintenance and treatments.

Some companies have rejected cooperation with Charlie Sheen after his HIV status became known.

His marriage with Denise Richards resulted in two daughters: Sam and Rose. He also has two sons, twins Bob and Max, with Brooke Mueller Sheen.

It was reported that at the beginning of 2016 Sheen wished death upon his ex-wives and children by sms-message.

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