Thursday, March 17 2016 17:12 EET
Putin reveals Russia’s cost for Syrian polygon
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the Ministry of Defense paid about 33 billion rubles for the military campaign in Syria.

"The military operation in Syria demanded certain costs, but their core part is made by resources of the Ministry of Defense... about 33 billion rubles," Putin said.

Just like at the beginning of the campaign, the President confirmed that all the expenses had been planned previously and the war didn’t require any additional costs.

According to the Russian media, a day of participation of Russian militaries in the Syrian war cost about 2.5 million dollars. Thus, the Kremlin had to spend 66.8 million dollars for 167 days of presence in the Middle East, although RBC says that the taxpayers gave much more for Putin's military campaign. Media reports claim the budget has contributed 38 billion rubles (535 million dollars).

Putin has noted that after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the country will have a little more additional costs, but the sum still is to be exposed.

It was reported that Putin had revealed his plans for Syria’s future.

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