Thursday, March 17 2016 16:44 EET
The actress of "Star Wars" refused fan's invitation to his graduation
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The actress Daisy Ridley, who played the main role in the seventh episode of "Star Wars", refused to go with her fan to his graduation event.

She thanked him for invitation and asked him to inform her about graduation evening.

"Unfortunately, I got stuck somewhere in the galaxy with Luke Skywalker, that's why I cannot make it," explained Ridley.

The actress published her kind rejection after a video, which was recorded by a student of the American College, Davidson Kevin Carlock, appeared on YouTube.

In that video, student and his friends performed rap and danced, inviting Ridley to attend their graduation ceremony.

Daisy Ridley is filming in the eighth part of space epopee, which will be released in December, 2017.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is the second full-length film for the 23-year-old Daisy Ridley.

Her previous cinema experience encompasses the series "Mr. Selfridge", "Toast of London", "Youngers".

In February 2016, Ridley started working for the eighth episode of "Star Wars".

Previously, Ridley was attacked by some "Star Wars" fans, who claimed that the actress looks unreal, setting unattainable standards for the girls. However, Daisy doesn’t want to apologize for her appearance.

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