Thursday, March 17 2016 15:52 EET
Nude Kim Kardashian's selfie is depicted on the wall as a graffiti
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Graffiti appeared on a wall in Melbourne.

A large-scale image based on the sensational Kim Kardashian's nude selfie appeared on the wall in Melbourne, Australia.

Authorship of this graffiti is attributed to the local graffiti artist Mark Walsh (also known as "lushsux").

He told the Australian newspaper that the idea has matured within him immediately, as soon as he saw the famous photo.

"In the public place, on a three-storey building... maybe I'm looking for as much attention as Kim Kardashian", the street artist said.

Nude Kim Kardashian's selfie with black rectangles covering the most intimate parts of the body caused incredibly massive discussions in social networks.

The provocative celebrity defended her own naked selfie, and also many stars have posted their nude pictures to support her.

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