Thursday, March 17 2016 15:47 EET
US ready to declare war on Russia: Washington prepares tough response to Putin's propaganda
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The United States Senate has presented a bill to tighten Washington's actions in relation to the propaganda and false information spread by Russia, China and other countries.

The act of counteraction of information war in 2016 was created to urge the American Congress, European governments and NATO to resist Russia’s disinformation campaign.

Republican Senator Rob Portman and Democratic Senator Chris Murphy have developed a new American law that involves creation of Information Analysis Centre. This body is to analyze the information war carried out by foreign governments.

After the bill’s official presentation, it will become one of the two documents sent to the Congress in recent years to change US policy in relation to the activities of international media.

Condoleezza Rice has claimed that the US sanctions and oil prices will defeat Russian economy, if Russia doesn’t fulfill the Minsk II agreement.

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized Russian authorities for failing to reach the Minsk agreement and noted a positive effect of anti-Russian sanctions that have been hitting the aggressor’s economy.

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