Thursday, March 17 2016 12:52 EET
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Nike introduced new self-lacing sneakers
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Nike has introduced a model of new sneakers, which can lace itself automatically. The laces of the new model HyberAdapt can be dragged by itself with the help of special sensor in the heel area. It is possible to drag out or let loose the laces with the help of buttons on both sides.

It is expected that this model will be the first one in the whole line of footwear with an automatic lacing. Nike expects to establish a mass production of this new model.

The first sales will begin this year, but the price of these shoes is not known yet.

Previously, another famous sportswear company has shown its own version of such kind of footwear.

In November last year, Puma presented a prototype of Autodisc sneakers, which also can lace itself automatically, but without the help of a special sensor. For this purpose, Puma developed buttons on the sides.

Such sneakers are not made for mass production now. The company noticed that it intends to finalize the system of charging. Now shoes can be charged with the USB-cable, and potential buyers would prefer to charge them with a special mat.

The idea of shoes with automatic lacing became famous after the 1989 movie "Back to the Future 2", where the protagonist had such kind of footwear. Nike made those shoes possible to order.

It took more than 15 years for the company to create a sample of such shoes, which are suitable for mass production.

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