Thursday, March 17 2016 12:42 EET
Obama nominates Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court
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US President Barack Obama has nominated a new member to the Supreme Court. It turned out to be Merrick Garland.

He is to take the place of Antonin Scalia, a strong conservative, who died last month.

Merrick Garland is considered a moderate judge and some senior Republicans have approved his candidacy. However, many Republicans have promised to block any Obama’s recommendation connected to the Supreme Court. They urged the president not to deal with this issue at all.

This nomination is a very important issue in the presidential election as the Supreme Court usually makes final decision on such controversial questions as climate change and immigration.

Obama is sure that Garland deserves this job. According to some sources from the White House, the current President has chosen Garland because he is more experienced in the federal court system than any other candidate for the post in the Supreme Court.

Mr. Garland said he was ready to start his work in the court immediately.

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