Thursday, March 17 2016 12:37 EET
Jerusalem is the dirtiest city in Israel
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Almost every second Israeli of Jewish origin (42%) and two out of three Arabs (65%) are dissatisfied with cleaning of the city streets where they live. This tendency was reflected in a survey conducted by the Ministry of the Environment.

According to the results of the survey, Jerusalem is considered to be the most polluted city (65% of the population see it like this), while Rishon LeZion is the cleanest one (70%).

All the rest of the cleanest cities were distributed in the following order: Rehovot – 63%, Netanya – 60%, Holon – 58%, Haifa – 54%, Tel Aviv (including Jaffa) and Ashkelon – 53%, Ashdod – 52%, Ramat Gan – 51%, Beersheba – 46%, Bat Yam and Bnei Brak – 44%, Petah Tikva – 43%.

The respondents also complained about noise and the lack of green areas in the city.

Commenting on the publication, one of the anonymous representatives of the municipality said that in this regard it would be worth recalling a famous proverb: if everyone swept in front of his house, the whole city would be clean.

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