Thursday, March 17 2016 12:30 EET
IDF urges Israelis to return stolen or illegally kept weaponry
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has launched a campaign to collect weapons and military equipment stolen or stored by the residents illegally, Reshet Bet radio says.

The army property can be returned from 20 March to 15 April to 107 special military bases, which have been opened all over the country.

The individuals, who return weapons, firearms, ammunition, night-vision devices and any other military equipment voluntarily, will be released from any responsibility.

One can also be disarmed by calling *9272. IDF representative will arrive at the address and take the army property.

You can check the locations of the bases mentioned above on the website "Return weapons to the IDF."

As a result of a similar operation conducted in 2008, the army managed to return the property worth seven million shekels. The weapons usually get into the hands of civilians in several ways, including military meetings and trainings. Most of the equipment was "borrowed" from military bases.

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