Thursday, March 17 2016 12:26 EET
"Get your f ****ing hands off!": Graham Phillips took drugs, rioted in Riga
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British journalist Graham Phillips, who is well-known for his pro-Russian reports on behalf of separatists of "the LDNR", was detained by Riga police.

A video showing inappropriate behavior of the journalist was posted on YouTube.

According to police officers who detained Phillips, he had been molesting passers-by, asking provocative questions. He dodged people’s hands, when they tried to take his camera away.

After the journalist got into the officers’ hands, he started bucking and screaming. Furthermore, he required the police to immediately release him.

"Leave me alone! Get your f ****ing hands off me!" Phillips shouted.

When the cops tried to push the British reporter into a special vehicle for detainees, he made an attempt to turn to the cameras that were recording the whole event, and said something about Latvian freedom of speech in Russian. After the troublemaker was taken into the car, most people laughed at the incident.

Some media accuse Phillips of using psychotropic substances. They drew attention to his short-tempered mood, conflicting and aggressive behavior, and to his voice and eyes.

According to the Dialog.UA, Graham Phillips had earlier attended the meeting that was dedicated to the commemoration of the Latvian SS Volunteer Legion. Its members, as the organizers say, fought for freedom and honor of their nation.

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