Wednesday, March 16 2016 17:15 EET
Scientists ascertained medical marijuana can overcome epilepsy
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Scientists from the UK successfully tested a medicine made of cannabis.

The British company GW Pharmaceuticals announced that its medication Epidiolex, derived from marijuana, has successfully proved itself in clinical trials.

Epidiolex is aimed at treating Dravet syndrome, also known as children's heavy epilepsy.

Previously, this disease has led to severe developmental delay and even early death.

The value of shares of GW Pharmaceuticals has grown. Thus, if the company is able to settle all the necessary procedures, introducing Epidiolex to the US market, it will be the first legally allowed prescription drug derived from the cannabis plant.

Before such pharmaceutical discovery, parents of children with Dravet syndrome illegally used extracts of cannabis. A lot of American families have been forced to move from their previous places of residence to the states with more tolerant attitude to cannabis, particularly to Colorado, where the sale of psychotropic plants is legalized.

The scientific community was skeptical about information of "weed" self-medication, but the latest information about Epidiolex has become a real breakthrough for doctors and for the American society.

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