Wednesday, March 16 2016 16:34 EET
Adele is married – Mass Media
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The ring on Adele’s annulary evoked rumors about the British singer’s marriage.

Media are meticulously trying to figure out if singer Adele married Simon Konecki after several years of relationship.

The reporters suggest that the ring may indicate that the actress and her long-term boyfriend finally decided to legalize their relationship.

It is known that the couple brings up a three-year-old son Angelo; however, allusions related to their wedding occurred only nowadays.

Adele previously said, "It is not necessary to register our relations. We have a child. I think it is more important."

At the same time, Insider claimed that Adele and Simon Konecki were engaged on previous Christmas.

The source also added, "Their engagement took place on Christmas Eve, it was a very unexpected moment. They just rested at home. Adele began crying, and then joked that it was the most unglamorous marriage proposal in the world, but it was like in her dreams. She was very happy."

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