Wednesday, March 16 2016 16:23 EET
Californian homeless man to receive $100,000
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Californian authorities are to pay $100,000 to a homeless man who helped police to capture two criminal fugitives.

The man had analyzed photos of the criminals from a news report and later discovered them in a van.

The criminals had escaped from Orange County Jail six days before.

The full reward was $150,000. It was divided among four people. Hay Chapman (the homeless man) got the biggest part.

Moreover, according to officials, each of the two workers of the Target supermarket are to get $15,000. They alerted the police after surveillance cameras had recorded two suspicious men.

A Los Angeles resident, whose van was stolen by the criminals, will be paid $20,000. The man addressed to the police after the buyer hadn’t brought back the car he wanted to sell.

The two fugitives were arrested in the van near the market.

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