Wednesday, March 16 2016 16:05 EET
US student Otto Warmbier given hard labor in North Korea
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Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, as North Korean court had accused him of conducting a hostile act against the country.

In January, the 21-year-old student came to the country as a tourist. Later, he was detained because he had tried to steal a political poster from a hotel.

After some time, Otto appeared on TV, holding a press conference. He admitted his guilt and said a church group had required him to bring a "trophy" from the trip. The young man asked North Koreans to forgive him, noting he begged the heavens to come back home as soon as possible. It was the worst mistake of his life, he added.

Some human rights organizations claim that the sentence is very strict in comparison to other foreigners arrested by Korea. They suppose that the main reason for this is extremely high tensions in the United States-North Korea relations.

Americans can go to North Korea. However, the USA recommends abstaining from visiting it.

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