Wednesday, March 16 2016 15:06 EET
Kim Kardashian wears coats for weight loss
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TV-star Kim Kardashian actively aims to lose weight after the second pregnancy.

TThe weather in LA is always warm and the temperature of the air is never below zero, but Kim Kardashian wears fur coats really often. Thus, many Kardashian's fans are wondering: why she wears coats in warm sunny days?

Western journalists are sure that the reason of her partiality to fur coats in sunny days is weight loss. They believe that Kim is hiding cellophane wrap under her clothes, which should protect her from excess kilograms. Several layers of clothing create a greenhouse effect, which makes her actively sweat. However, doctors are skeptical about this method of weight loss, because the body is losing water and microelements, but extra body fat is not burned.

Kim lost more than 20 kilograms after the second pregnancy, and she keeps actively losing weight.

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