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Why is Armenia not impressed by Kardashian’s nude photos?
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The reaction of the Armenian social network users to Kim Kardashian’s nude photos was considerably less violent than in the West.

Famous star of Armenian origin published nude selfie in her Instagram, where only black rectangles cover "most interesting body parts". So now, it is one of the main subjects of discussion in the media and social networks around the world.

There are different opinions about that: some stars, such as Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne's 63-year-old wife, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, model and her sister Kylie Jenner and others supported Kardashian and even published their own nude selfies on public display in solidarity.

On the contrary, such celebrities as Bette Midler, Piers Morgan and Chloe Grace Moretz condemned nude selfie of Holywood socialite.

Major media, such as Guardian and Daily Telegraph, published articles about nude Kardashian and reactions to it.

Anyway, everything is typical: the celebrity demonstrated her body and it spurred wave of condemnation, as well as it encouraged justification.

Twitter and Facebook users distributed thousands of photos, and the degree of discussions about Kardashian's nude selfie rose to the “boiling point”.

The main question is, whether such nude photos are aesthetic or shocking.

The reaction of the Armenian social network users to Kardashian’s nude photos wasn't so emotional than in the West.

Armenian expert on new media Samvel Martirosyan said that Kardashian is not a subject of close observations in his country and many people believe that this outrageous lady is American phenomenon, not Armenian.

However, Martirosyan also noted that there are a lot of people in Armenia, which criticize Kim Kardashian as person, and her activities and actions are not important in this case.

Martirosyan said, "Ultra-patriots believe that it is a disgrace to the Armenians because people tend to associate Armenian identity with Kim Kardashian".

According to the observations of media experts, this trend has intensified after Kardashian's visit to Armenia in April 2015.

Student of the Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University Veronika Shakhnazarova is not considering herself an ultra-patriot and she is a subscriber of Kim Kardashian in social networks. However, she doesn't like such selfies.

The student said, "Young girls see that it is enough to undress in front of the camera, and it just makes you famous."

Veronika's classmate Lusine Ghazaryan believes that the post should not contain a nude photo for aesthetic reasons.

"Young women can be proud not only of their bodies, - says Lusine, - and this selfie does not have any aesthetic values. It is just a shocking step. "

An everyday occurrence

Samvel Martirosyan also said, "I have not found women approving Kardashian naked selfie in Yerevan.”

He addressed the deputy editor of the Internet portal Konstantin Ter-Nakalyanu. His edition monitors the Armenian segment of the blogosphere.

"The reaction of Armenian social networks users can be divided into three groups. The majority of commentators believe that an act of Kim Kardashian is natural for her, and it is not necessary to waste time and efforts to criticize or approve it," – Ter-Nakalyanu says.

He also believes that the other two groups – those who condemn and those who approve Kim's selfie belong to the minority.

Samvel Martirosyan also said that there are a lot of "cyberpatriots" in Armenia.

"These people are users of social networks, who are perceived to be the ones who positively manifest Armenian identity in the networks or the media" – Martirosyan added.

However, the reaction to Kardashian's selfie is much lower than it was last year. Her visit to Armenia has been a more significant event for Armenian people.

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