Wednesday, March 16 2016 13:10 EET
US welcomes Cuba by easing trade and travel laws
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On Tuesday, the USA introduced new changes of trade and travel rules to make it easier to visit Cuba. Furthermore, it transformed standards of American dollars there.

In 2014, Obama announced renewal of relations with Cuba, and American officials started hoping that facilitation of travel and trade rules could stimulate economic reforms of the island.

According to the new rules, American citizens will be able to visit Cuba with various aims, so that there would be no need to create special group tours.

These changes have appeared ahead of Obama’s visit to Cuba, which is planned on March 20-22. The last time American president visited Cuba was 88 years ago. However, a lot of people blame Obama for giving Cuba too much.

Moreover, the changes let Cuban citizens open accounts in American banks and get salaries and stipends in the USA in case they are American residents. They also eased air travel rules between the countries.

Cuban authorities say that 161,000 tourists visited the island in 2015 although the procedure of getting the travel permit was very complicated. 

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