Wednesday, March 16 2016 13:01 EET
We’ll never recognize Crimea and make the sanctions remain in force – Nuland
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The Assistant Secretary of State has confirmed that Washington considers the current conditions in Crimea and Donbas independently.

US will never recognize Crimea as a part of Russia, and the sanctions introduced against the state are to remain in force, the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said, addressing the Senate. At the same time, she noted that the White House didn’t consider the conditions of Donbas and Crimea as an equivalent situation.

“We consider them as parallel events, independently of the Minsk agreements... We let them know that we will never recognize annexation of Crimea and its joining Russia, and the sanctions will remain in force,” Nulad is quoted by RIA Novosti.

She described economic sanctions as "the main lever of pressure" on Russia.

The sanctions were introduced by the USA in 2014. They affect a number of Russian politicians and businessmen. In particular, they have been prohibited from coming to the USA, and their assets in America have been blocked. American government explains the sanctions by the fact that Russia's actions allegedly are "an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."

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