Wednesday, March 16 2016 12:53 EET
Russian punitive operation in Syria: thousands of deaths, dozens of destroyed cities
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Russian military intervention in Syria, which started in September 2015 with the aim to support Assad’s regime, has killed thousands of Syrian civilians, including women and children. Dozens of cities have been destroyed. Syrian population and infrastructure suffered a severe blow due to the criminal acts of the Russian Federation.

As a result of the Russian military activity, at least 390 innocent Syrians were killed in February only.

"In February, attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces killed 390 civilians, including 53 women and 103 children," the Syrian Institute for Justice stated.

Russian aviation used not only standard ammunition, but the prohibited one too. Numerous proofs can confirm its usage of phosphorus and cluster bombs.

Russian authorities claimed that actions of their troops were directed against Daesh terrorists. However, 80% of airstrikes targeted positions of Syrian rebels and the civilians, who were against Assad. This was confirmed by many international organizations.

Dozens of civilians have been killed daily due to the criminal actions of Russia in Syria.

In the middle of January 2016, Russian bombings in Syria killed more than three thousand people, including more than a thousand civilians and more than 250 children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports.

Aleppo province was targeted with particular cruelty. The victims of Russian bombs in Aleppo were women, children, and the opposition members.

It becomes evident that not only military objects have been the main targets for Russian warplanes. Schools in Aleppo and Idlib, markets, hospitals, courts and prisons were among other targets.

It was reported that Putin had decided to withdraw Russian troops from Syria.

In Vladimir Putin’s opinion, the task of the Russian Aerospace Forces has been fulfilled. Thus, he ordered to start withdrawal of Russian military from Syria on March 15, 2016.

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