Tuesday, March 15 2016 15:23 EET
Kremlin explained its decision to withdraw Russian troops from Syria
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Moscow denies any pressure on Assad.

The Kremlin reports that the decision to withdraw Russian troops from Syria was made by President Vladimir Putin and has nothing to do with the result of the talks.

"This decision belongs to the Russian president and commander-in-chief. It was made on the basis of the results of Russian forces’ activities in Syria. Taking into account the results, the President concluded that the main problem had been solved. That’s why he made such a decision. It was not a subject of negotiations,“ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

He also said that Moscow wasn’t trying to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad due to its decision to start withdrawal of the main Russian military group.

On March 14, Putin ordered to withdraw the core Russian forces from Syria. Then he expressed his hope that the start of the withdrawal is to be a good stimulus for the negotiation process in Syria.

Later, Assad’s administration issued a statement where the President denied any possible links between Russia's decision to withdraw its troops and contradictions between Moscow and Damascus.

Russian military operation in Syria officially began in late September last year, but Russian aviation had been transferred to the territory of the country before the intervention.

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