Tuesday, March 15 2016 12:18 EET
At least 37 people died after the car bomb blast in Ankara
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According to the Ministry of Health of Turkey, the car bomb explosion killed 37 people in Ankara. In addition, several hospitals are taking care of 125 victims.

The accident took place on a major transport hub of the capital. Thus, many people pass it and there's always much traffic.

Some cars at the place of accident were crashed into the burning wreckage.

The latest explosion took place at approximately 18:40 (local time) after which the district was evacuated. Many ambulances appeared there immediately, the Hurriyet newspaper reported.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the explosion. However, security forces are sure that the PKK is guilty of this terrorist attack.

Erdogan claimed that the only reason for terrorist attacks was their weakness before Turkish military forces.

The court of Ankara has forbidden access to social media in order to prevent people from posting photos of the explosion.

Ankara experienced three attacks in the last six months. The country is known as the West's ally since it participates in the coalition against Daesh (ISIS). Thus, members of the terrorist organization have been revenging it for killing their associates in Syria and Iraq.

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