Monday, March 14 2016 17:44 EET
US sanctions and oil prices can ruin Russia – Condoleezza Rice
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Former Secretary of the United States Condoleezza Rice has criticized the Russian government for failing to fulfil the Minsk agreements and noted the positive effect of the anti-Russian sanctions, saying they still hit the aggressor’s economy.

Condoleezza Rice is sure that the United States should help Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

"I believe that we must help Ukraine to protect itself, I believe that people should be able to defend themselves with small arms, even though it’s not the way the US government has chosen, and I can understand them," Rice said.

The American politician is sure that Russia still violates the Minsk agreements. However, the anti-Russian sanctions and the extreme drop in oil prices have made the desired effect.

"Obviously, the Minsk agreements are being constantly violated, but we need to treat this patiently and to stand our ground. The sanctions and low oil prices seriously harm the Russian economy," she stated.

According to Rice, Ukraine should continue to implement economic reforms, while its government and parliament must make more efforts for the sake of their accomplishment.

Meanwhile, despite an evident armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an American general refutes predictions of a full-scale war with Russia.

This was stated by the Commander of US Army in Europe Gen. Ben Hodges. According to him, there are no preconditions for bad forecasts, because a serious conflict between the two nations is extremely unlikely to happen.

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