Monday, March 14 2016 17:28 EET
Rockets cause sanctions: EU threatens Iran with restoration of special measures
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Following Iran’s recent testing of ballistic missiles, the EU is going to renew its anti-Iranian sanctions, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said after the conversation with the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"The sanctions will be introduced if necessary," Aurault noted.

At the same time, Kerry claimed that the last experimental missile launches in Iran were considered a violation of the UN resolution.

The US government has recently decided to extend some sanctions against the Iranian government for one more year. According to President Obama, these military tests threaten national security and US foreign policy.

Iran managed to shake off the sanctions and to resume fuel resources supply to a number of its partners.

According to Dialog.UA, the USA is to initiate the UN investigation as the American government sees the launches of missiles with nuclear carriers as a rude violation of its resolution. The diplomats are sure that Iran's actions are dangerous for Israel.

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