Monday, March 14 2016 15:57 EET
Eight people died in Bangkok chemical drain
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Eight people have died in a chemical accident that happened at Siam Commercial Bank, official sources say. They believe that the main reason for this toxic leakage was “negligence”.

On Sunday, the workers were fixing a fire safety system of the bank, the company’s statement reads.

Suddenly, they accidentally let out a dangerous aerosol (pyrogen) that absorbs oxygen, and suffocated. Pyrogen was a part of a mechanism, which was developed to prevent inflaming of important documents.

In addition, another seven workers were traumatized.

The casualty took place in the bank’s head office where documents were stored, the bank official said.

According to the Bangkok Post, firefighters faced great difficulties trying to get to the victims.

The bank has promised to help everyone who was injured. Furthermore, it will provide usual course of its operations.

Despite the accident, deadly casualties are very rare in Thailand. 

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