Monday, March 14 2016 14:33 EET
Erdogan promises to defeat terrorism
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Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to defeat terrorism, commenting on Ankara car accident that took at least 36 lives.

According to Erdogan, the car bombing has only intensified determination of Turkish security.

As some sources claim, one suspected female bomber died too. She is believed to be a member of the PKK who came from the town of Kars and joined the organization in 2013.

No group has confirmed its responsibility for the Ankara attack yet. However, as Turkish aircraft hit PKK positions in Iraq, officials think the group is responsible for the attack.

Eleven planes launched strikes on 18 positions in Qandil and Gara, the army reported.

Turkish Interior Minister said that the investigation would be finished on Monday and the names of criminals would be revealed.

Kurdish rebels have already made several attacks in Turkey. Security forces have been raiding Kurdish areas after the end of a ceasefire.

Turkey is included in the American coalition against Daesh. It allowed coalition planes to use its Incirlik Air Base.

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