Friday, March 11 2016 14:55 EET
Obama urged not to accuse him of Trump’s success
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President Obama has denied all the rumors about his contribution to success of Donald Trump, who is currently one of the main presidential frontrunners.

"Republicans used to accuse me of many things but accusation of something connected to the one they’ve selected themselves is stunningly new," he claimed during a private meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Some Republicans urge voters not to support Trump.

Obama made his statement after a reporter asked him about the possible connection of his administration to American politics’ polarization that is gradually becoming more and more widespread.

According to him, Republicans are guilty for making the Republican base oppose everything he did. Obama is sure that the party does its best to create an environment where only Trump or someone like him could survive.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump won in three states, urging the Republicans to leave all the controversies behind and to unite in spite of the wave of biting criticism from the party.

Trump’s "provocative" comments are known quite well. However, Obama noted that his offers in the field of immigration didn’t differ from the ideas of his political rivals.

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