Friday, March 11 2016 13:10 EET
Angelina Jolie drives a nanny away for flirting with Brad Pitt
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The actress found her husband and the nanny flirting in the kitchen.

One of the most stunning Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie has decided to dismiss the nanny of her kids, being afraid that a charming babysitter could “steal” her gorgeous husband Brad Pitt. Insider claims that Angie has found the nanny flirting with her husband. This turned out to be enough to make the woman jobless just in three minutes.

Jolie became suspicious that the nanny of her children could have some plans to attract Pitt since she had repeatedly shown an intention to make friends with the actor. "Angie was satisfied with the staff, which she had hired to look after the children. Sure, a lot of people would like to work with her famous family, and the selection was very tough. It seemed that everyone would just appreciate such a place. Brad has been always very friendly with everyone who works for his family. But even he started to notice the nanny’s obsession who literally was badgering him with her friendship. Angelina knew that nothing could happen between her husband and the nanny, but gradually she became irritated with the woman’s high attention. Wherever Brad went, the nanny was near. Angie’s suspicion evolved into paranoia. The day when she found her husband and the nanny in the kitchen became the final straw. Brad had just come out of the bathroom. He poured himself some juice. The nanny also appeared in the kitchen; they were talking and smiling to each other," Insider said.

Jolie decided not to search for evidence and blamed the nanny, accusing her of her alleged intention to seduce Brad. The actress dismissed the woman, who immediately left the celebrity’s house.

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