Thursday, March 10 2016 15:19 EET
Baby found in hand luggage during flight to Paris
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An unnamed passenger tried to carry a four-year-old child in hand luggage on board the flight from Istanbul to Paris, Air France reports.

The company confirms the ticketless girl was found on board of the plane on Monday evening.

According to AFP sources close to Charles de Gaulle airport, the citizen of France started a process of adopting a girl from Haiti. Reasons of their stay in Istanbul are still unclear.

Air France informed the French authorities about the incident. However, the authorities decided not to make any official accusations.

The woman had been in the transit area of Istanbul airport, but was not allowed to board the plane with her child.

She bought a new ticket and hid the girl in her bag.

After this, she came aboard the plane, took her place, put the bag on the floor at her feet and covered it with a blanket. However, the girl asked to go to the bathroom soon, and other passengers noticed her.

"The woman with a bag was sitting in the tail of the plane. At one point she opened the bag and a passenger on the next row noticed something moved there. He informed the hostesses who then revealed the baby," the passenger named Vincent said.

The girl discovered in the bag was absolutely healthy.

The woman and the child were relocated toward the front of the plane. After landing in Paris, they were handed over to the authorities.

Now Air France is investigating the way the woman managed to bring the girl to the plane so that no one noticed the child.

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