Thursday, March 10 2016 12:37 EET
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Americans have found a brain part associated with bad behavior
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Scientists claimed they had found a part of the brain responsible for aggression and various manias.

New York University’s researchers made a series of tests on mice, as their brains are very similar to those of humans.

According to the results of these tests, it turned out that it’s possible to control aggressive behavior in mice with the help of special probes that had been inserted into their brains.

The tests revealed that the brain part linked to violence is called VMHvl (ventrolateral part of the ventromedial hypothalamus).

One of the researchers, Dayu Lin, stated that they had defined a certain region of the brain, which regulates evil behavior. Scientists noticed that nerve cell activity in the VMHvl increased as mice were about to attack.

The tests were made on stronger mice that attacked weaker mice. This was an attempt to examine how the stronger mice would try to get the victory. The main aim of the researchers was to measure a motivational aspect of such an evil behavior.

The scientist is sure that human aggression comes from the same area of the brain. Now she hopes to develop a "pill against evil" one day. However, Lin says it’s quite a hypothetical and distant chance due to numerous legal and moral controversies.

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