Thursday, March 10 2016 12:34 EET
Beatles’ legendary producer died
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Sir George Martin was 90 years old. George Martin, producer of world-famous British music band The Beatles, died at the age of 90 years. It was reported by Ringo Starr, who was one of the Fab Four members.

"Thank you for all your love and kindness... God bless you," the musician wrote.

Details of his death are still unknown.

George Martin was often called "the fifth Beatle".

Martin worked on almost all the albums of the band. As he was also a composer, he used to deal with numerous tracks’ arrangements: thus, he included a string quartet in Yesterday and an "apocalyptic" culminating point in A Day in the Life.

Martin rated The Beatles’ songs not only from a commercial point of view. He also paid much attention to their artistic value.

In 1996, the producer was appointed a Knight Bachelor by the Queen of Great Britain.

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